Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie Supporting Software

Watch the new movie is really interesting hobby because we can follow the update movie in theater or at least in our own home theater. If we prefer to watch the movie using computer, we will get some benefits than using home theater system. The most benefit is easy to get update software when needed to play the new movie. This is really important to make sure that our player software can always play the update format of the movie.
May be we ever hear about rip DVD movie which give an easier way to play it with out existing player software. Actually this format was created by special software and its function is not just to a small area because we can found some function as converter. We can call some example like “Rip DVD to AVI or Rip DVD to mp4” with purpose to downgrade the size of movie and off course there is an effect on the movie quality.
That’s all is just an example that everyday there is an update of software following the update demand of movie and I am sure this will always running as long as the movie technology rise up also. Make a better movie means need something new technology and it will request update software to play it further. So the best way is always update our movie player software.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Laptop Position

The function of laptop already slightly pushes the Pc position. If around five years ago people prefer to have PC than laptop (maybe because of laptop price is very expensive) but right now people turn 180 degrees and they would like to have a laptop than a PC in the home.
Here are some reasons why they prefer to laptop:
•Laptop is simple. It can support the active person because they still can work any time and any where with their laptop.
•The present price of laptop become lower and lower. Especially there is some offers from the shop or financial provider to use business loans or personal loans with the fix monthly payment.
•The power of laptop similar with PC and we can found some series that it more powerful than our PC in the home.
• From the prestige side, have a laptop is more valuable than have a PC because we can go with laptop in our side or in our bag pack.
Right now the publication and promotion of laptops can be found in every where, start from newspaper until in the television. All people talk about laptop series. We can do more tasks with laptop because it can be used to calculate our profit until as reminder to pay our business credit. As long as need computer, the laptop can replace the PC position.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet Parent

This holiday our family visits my parents. They seen very happy when we arrived. Soon they hug us, especially to their grandson because almost 2 years they didn't see us. After take rest for a while and telling many stories, then my father and my son plays ball on backyard. When playing, it's not intended my father's eyeglasses falls and breaks. I said sorry and promised that tomorrow I would buy him new eyeglasses. My father said, "It's OK" then we tea break together in the terrace. My mother said, why we didn't go to Zenni Optical, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

The day after it, we went to the Zenni. On this city, Zenni was famous as place of Great Eyeglasses For Less. They show me Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. My father looks satisfied with his new eyeglasses. After left from Zenni, my father said that he wanted to buy toys as gift to my son so we went to toys store.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Laptop, Internet, Phone Cell & Marketing

When your laptop is connecting with internet, you can go to every cyber place wherever you want, no matter how far that place is. Even you come from America you can watch the beautiful beach in Asia and feel the sunset. All you can do just by one click from your laptop / PC. Internet makes everything become easy for information searching, no need informer, one small fee for all information, minimize wasting time & high speed to get result.

There is a great combination between internet & phone cell, because both of the have great growth in the technology and when combined it can be great technology jumping. We can see now new technology that we can call PC to phone cell, pass over PC to PC calling technology. From that we can get big benefit for cost saving because there is no fee for phone cell, only pay the monthly internet fee. For active person this technology really helps them for example for a marketing team this benefit will help them to communicate to each member or to their customer with minimum expenses. We know that one of big weapon for marketing is phone cell, because with phone they can arrange their business with costumer.

Quick information is a key for big deal in business with costumer; they always hope get update information as soon as possible so they can take quick decision for their business as well. If we play for example as property marketing, we can use popular system called cellit mobile marketing which mobile technology really maximized to support marketing system. With this system we can give important information to customer related with a property that costumer needed. If one day we have a property as costumer order, we can use send short massage to costumer’s phone cell and hope can get quick feedback from them. In property business, this way is called real estate text messaging solution. Not just massage that delivered, but we can send photos or pictures of property so our customer can see a preview of property and can make further decision.

Actually there are so many way how to give best service to customer from give surprise, give accurate information, give quick feedback or another action that make customer become loyal to our business. If you want to build your business using high technology with lower fee, may be you can explore service from house4cell first. You can find another supporting way from internet and choose which one will be your best way for your business.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Before You Play Online Casino

It’s easy now to play online casinos for everyone, just need laptop or PC and connected with internet then has fun. But don’t you know that is not simple to choose which casino that has good reputation, so what you need before you start play online casino is find as much as possible about some online casinos. If you don’t want to spend more times to check every site, may be you can find a site that have detail information about some online game. Usually they have information about rating, comment and some benefit if you play on its site, that all will help you to avoid a disappointed feeling after you play it. So don’t forget carefully before you play online casino. Good Luck !

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick PowerPoint Tips With Your Laptop

Font size:

Try this: Look at this screen from
12 feet away, and then from 6 feet.

Sign painter's rule of thumb:
1" letter is readable from 10 ft.
2" letter from 20 ft.
3" letter from 30 ft.
Assume 72 point fonts are 1" high
You can do the math.

Before you start to prepare your presentation, determine (guess) how far your audience will be from your screen, then choose the best font size. Choosing the right font size is 90% of the job.

point size is actually measured from ascender to descender

Font Selection:

These fonts may look fine when you're close to the screen but look at this screen from 6 ft.

From a distance, you'll notice that the serif (Times) font and the 'narrow' or condensed font are more difficult to read.

There's always that struggle to squeeze more words into limited space so using a narrow font may sometimes be necessary.

Don't sacrifice readability for style.
Keep your eye on the ball, your job is
to communicate.


Yellow with black lettering is considered the most readable. (school buses and traffic signs)

. . . however,

On a sign, color is paint.
On screen, color is light.
What may work on a sign or in print
may not work well on an LCD

re: Reds and greens.
Ambient light affects contrast by turning rich, deep burgundys and hunter greens into pastels. There's also the colorblindness issue, about 10% have difficulty with reds and greens.

Control the seating

1. If you can control the seating, be mindful that sunlight streaming directly on your laptop's screen will 'wash it out', make it less visable. Seat your audience in the most favorable lighting. If you're in a restaurant, try to seat your audience with their backs to the wall.

2. A wireless mouse or even a mouse with a long cord could be useful in a boardroom setting, you could run a powerpoint presenation from a distance.

3. When presenting to a very small group (1 to 4 people), put your laptop in the middle of the table and encourage them move it around. It's always better to have your audience participate.

4. Store the CoolPad(tm) in your carrying case, you'll never know when you'll want to share your powerpoint stuff

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prepare Your Cool Pad

This little piece of plastic and rubber is a great value. Of course, you are probably asking just what is it that makes this product so useful.

First, the CoolPad can improve the cooling efficiency of your laptop by raising the back edge and increasing the airflow around the computer. This can be extremely helpful for laptops that run hot or are overclocked.

Secondly, the CoolPad makes it easy to share the display with someone next to you (for a small presentation for example). The pad consists of an upper and lower surface. The upper surface can swivel independently of the lower surface. Finally, by elevating the computer, you can more easily reach peripherals (PCMCIA slots, video, parallel, & serial ports).

For airplane tray tables...
It really grabs on those slick tray tables.

Heat dissipation
Most laptops dissipate heat through the bottom. If you put a running laptop on a bed, it will probably overheat because no air will circulate under the bottom. The converse of this is also true... the more air thatís allowed to circulate under the bottom, the better chance the heat will dissipate.

However, results will vary. Your laptop will probably run cooler outdoors in 100 degree heat in a gentle breeze than in your breezeless air conditioned office. The difference is air movement, (air is considered a fluid in the world of thermodynamics ) and moving that fluid hot air away from the laptop's bottom will allow better heat dissipation.