Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prepare Your Cool Pad

This little piece of plastic and rubber is a great value. Of course, you are probably asking just what is it that makes this product so useful.

First, the CoolPad can improve the cooling efficiency of your laptop by raising the back edge and increasing the airflow around the computer. This can be extremely helpful for laptops that run hot or are overclocked.

Secondly, the CoolPad makes it easy to share the display with someone next to you (for a small presentation for example). The pad consists of an upper and lower surface. The upper surface can swivel independently of the lower surface. Finally, by elevating the computer, you can more easily reach peripherals (PCMCIA slots, video, parallel, & serial ports).

For airplane tray tables...
It really grabs on those slick tray tables.

Heat dissipation
Most laptops dissipate heat through the bottom. If you put a running laptop on a bed, it will probably overheat because no air will circulate under the bottom. The converse of this is also true... the more air thatís allowed to circulate under the bottom, the better chance the heat will dissipate.

However, results will vary. Your laptop will probably run cooler outdoors in 100 degree heat in a gentle breeze than in your breezeless air conditioned office. The difference is air movement, (air is considered a fluid in the world of thermodynamics ) and moving that fluid hot air away from the laptop's bottom will allow better heat dissipation.

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