Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 12 Essential Laptop Accessories

Having the right laptop accessories available can make life much easier while traveling. It means you don't have to rely on outside sources for gear and you stay productive.
Security gear is the most important laptop accessory you can get and you should be sure to have one if not two security cables available to use at all times. What laptop accessories do you have and which are you still needing?

1. Notebook Security Cables
Using a notebook security cable just may be one of the easiest methods of protecting your notebook against theft. Notebook security cables can be and should be used in any location where you may have to leave your laptop such as your hotel room or co-worker's office. Never leave a laptop, even when secured, in an unlocked room.

2. UPS for Mobile Workers
UPS devices are quite often overlooked by mobile workers which can be very costly both for replacement of their mobile gear and the data they lose. Mobile professionals often work in less than ideal conditions and the electrical connections may not always be perfect quality.

3. Travel Size Surge Protectors
Surge protectors are a wise idea even if the weather is perfect. You don't know the quality or age of the power lines that you are accessing and having your laptop get zapped is not the way to discover there are flaws in the power line. Make sure you are always prepared and keep a portable surge protector in your laptop bag at all times.

4. External Storage
External storage can be as small as a pen-knife or the size of your fist. Whichever style of external storage you choose, look for external storage solutions which are durable and easy to use. Storage devices which are cross-compatible with Mac and Windows systems can be very beneficial to mobile professionals.

5. Portable Laptop Desks
Portable laptop desks are an invaluable laptop accessory for mobile professionals. Not only do they prevent laptop burn but they enable you to work in more comfortable positions and some also enable you to use an external mouse to help you work more productively.

6. Laptop Power Adapters
A universal laptop power adapter enables you to charge your laptop battery and keep working whether you are in the air or on the road. Make sure that the laptop power adapter you have chosen will have the right tip for your laptop. Try to get a laptop power adapter that will work with a variety of laptop models.

7. Portable Projectors Under 5lbs.
There are portable projectors which weigh less than 5lbs. and are easy to travel with and use. You can't always count on having a projector available while traveling. In addition you may have thought you were only presenting to 3 people but that has now become 30. Traveling with your own portable projector means that you are prepared for any possibility and improves your professionalism.

8. Presentation Devices
Nothing can be worse when trying to show a presentation is the fact that you are seen more than the slideshow. Avoid the limelight and stay out of the way by using a remote control presentation device.

9. Mobile Printers
One of the frustrations that working on the road can be trying to find a printer when you absolutely need one. Rather than worrying about finding a printer or setting up new printer profiles and installing printer drivers on the run - consider purchasing your own mobile printer.

10. Wireless Laptop Mice
When you want a truly compact mouse when traveling, a wireless laptop mouse is a great accessory. Always keep spare batteries on hand and remember that shiny or reflective surfaces can interfere with optical mice.

11. Laptop Speakers
While the internal speakers on your laptop may be great for listening to music, using external speakers is important when doing presentations. This way the entire room can hear the presentation. External laptop speakers are also handy when you are participating in a web conference and it's important to hear every participant clearly.

12. Headset Microphones
Headset microphones allow you the ability to control your output. You can adjust the microphone for optimum usage while having the mic in a comfortable position. If you are tight on desk space, this could be your solution. Many headset microphones also have speakers combined with them.

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