Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Ways to Find A Hot Spot

Do you know where to find a hot spot while on the road? Preparing for working on the road involves not only packing the right mobile gear but knowing where you can find a hot spot. Here are locators and service providers that will help ensure you stay connected no matter where you need to work from. Use these tools to find a hot spot for wherever you may be working from.

1. Find a Hot Spot in the U.S.
Find free public Wi-Fi locations in the U.S. You can find a hot spot using the State by State search.

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2. Find a Hot Spot in Canada
Find a hot spot in these Canadian locations. If you know of other free locations that aren't listed yet, don't hesitate to let them know so the information can be updated.

3. Find a Hot Spot Offline
Download this program to your laptop and find a hot spot any around the world. Search by Country, State, Zip Code, type of location or even Wi-Fi Service provider. This Locator will also provide maps and driving instructions to the Wi-Fi location selected. It runs on WinXP, 2000 or ME, Mac OS X V 10.3+ and Redhat Linux 9.0+.

4. Find a Hot Spot in Libraries
Libraries can provide a private and quiet location to work. While many academic libraries do restrict access to the general public, they may have in place programs for professionals on the road. This directory listing from lets you select a country then drill down to more specific locations to see where the libraries are that offer Wi-Fi access.

5. Find T-Mobile Hot Spots
T-Mobile subscribers can find hot spot locations around the United States or Internationally.

6. Find Boingo Hot Spots
Find hot spots provided by Boingo Wireless internationally and around the United States. Search by City, State, Country or by type of Wi-Fi location. You can also download a location list in PDF.

7. Find a Hot Spot - BT Openzone
Find Wi-Fi locations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. BT Openzone provides four different ways of searching for locations. Online search, download lists in Excel and PDF, by phone and SMS.

8. Find a Hot Spot - Wayport Locations
Wayport provides Wi-Fi locations in the United States, Canada and Internationally. Wayport also have Laptop Lane Locations at airports in the United States. The map gives a quick snapshot of locations including the number of hot spots in a given location. Click on the map for more details.

9. Find a Hot Spot - Boldstreet
View hot spot locations provided by BoldStreet in Canada. Selecting a particular location provides details including maps about the hot spot. They also provide information on configuring your network card if the hot spot is not automatically detected.

10. Find a Hot Spot - Flying J
When driving on highways, mobile workers can still find hot spots through the Flying J chain of truck stops. They have hot spots in their Plazas and extended area hot spots as well.

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