Friday, February 22, 2008

PayPerPost, New Way For Better Live

I was surprised when my friend told me about paid to review, the new way to get online. He told me that we can get minimum $5 just for one review in our blog. So I started to search some web that have related topic until I have recommendation to join into PayPerPost. After sign up I tried to submit my blog and finally accepted. Wow that’s great because it’s so simple to join payperpost and we can start to grab opportunity of task and of course get some paid, that’s what I love for this way. Even I am still new member but I have big dream someday I can get a lot of money from this way. I can save the money so someday I can buy a house and the other dream is I can work from home and be a boss for my self, yes no other boss except me. I already read so many success story of persons that they have better live from making online money and I have real sample one of my friend already be a boss for him self. I want to follow my friend to improve my fund income.

Now I still to study how to rise up my blog rank, so I can get better rank on the payperpost. When I have better rank, I can get better task with better paid. I am trying to get back link from my friend’s web or another blogs so my blog page rank will rise up as well. I have a target for the next month I can get tasks with $20 value. Keep spirit always with payperpost

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