Saturday, February 23, 2008


India as growing country already known as source of people who have skill on IT & they are working on several countries around the world. India has so many economy activities with others countries especially export-import transactions. During export-import transaction between 2 countries or 2 companies, there is always a need to prepare supporting documents that should be understood each other. They need a universal language to make everything clear. They have to translate their own language to be one language that known every side. From this, we can grab new opportunity to get jobs or to build a new carrier as interpretation services.

We easily found there are so many interpretation services in the real world, but we may be just hear few of them try to work using online system to promote & services their customers. I found there is company who try to grow up their business using internet and the name is IAFL. You can found them in iaflindia. They come from India to worldwide company.

After I visit their web, I interest with their slogan that they will give respond less than 1 hour via email. I don’t know are they keep their commitment but I think that’s great magnet to make everyone who visit their web become trust to their professional service.
IAFL service covering almost all of South Asia language, Kannada, Malayalam, Arabic & English. Looks like they have several branch in South Asia. If you have business with some company of south Asia, may be you can contact them.

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