Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Touch The Technology Earlier

Today my friend will back to Hongkong and I have idea to ask my friend buy a Asus white laptop priced on $199. I feel happy because for along time I dream I can have my own laptop so when Asus launch the mini laptop with cheaper price, there are so many people happy and perhap they can borrow one for them self or their family. When I talk to my friend about this laptop he says that He can't found it in Hongkong because the original manufacturing industry located in Taiwan and he says that laptop actually launched for children of third world countries. This program has target that children have the same chance to feel and touch the technology like another chilren in others countries.

Actually the asus laptop can be bought by every people who have money because with its price now, it's easy to buy it at least for people in growing countries and we can found there are so many shop sell it free without clear rule. But anyway with this laptop program we can have big expectation that at least our next generation can touch our current technology earlier than our generation before

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