Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tablet PC - Small, Cute And Power-Packed

A tablet PC is a portable, smart looking computer. Though much smaller in size, it is fully equipped with the functionalities that a laptop or a PC contains. But unlike the other type of computers, it does not have any keyboard or mouse. Rather, it has a touch screen that enables computer operation with a special type of digital pen. You give commands to your computer through this digital pen.
Thus, the digital pen of a tablet PC functions almost alike the mouse or the keyboard. The only difference is that instead of the keyboard, you use your own handwriting to type words. The screen receives information through this special pen. The digitizing tablet technology also allows you to input data using your fingers as the touch screen of the device is sensitive to fingertip as well.
Typically, this device runs on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Vista operating systems. The power-packed device literally looks and feels like a real notebook and allows you to take notes the old-fashion way. With it you can perform a lot of fascinating functions like personalizing an email, power point presentation, designs and illustration with your own handwritten markings or drawings.
A tablet PC is also able to transform your chicken scratch penmanship into a coherent digital text for a more professional and organized presentation. This is due to the handwriting recognition function included in it. Basically, these computers are available in three models – convertible model, slate model and rugged model. Convertible model looks almost like traditional laptop having a keyboard attached to it. They are able to rotate 180°. Slate models are slim and ultra-light as they do not have any keyboard attached to them.
When buying this device, it is important to take note of functionality and security. You might be tricked by given wrong configuration. Keep in mind that an ideal tablet PC has a gesture recognition functionality that enables you to program your computer according to your specifications. So, it is advisable do some deep online research so that you can learn about the latest products available in store.
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