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Sony Vaio Laptops Guide:

Reviews and Comparisons of the FRV, GRT, TR, V505 and Z1 Sony laptop computers

Updated Sony Laptops Guide

A few months ago I wrote:"The reason I am so impressed with Sony laptops is that they have such a big variety of Vaio notebooks (10) that any man, woman or child that needs a mobile computer will find one to suit his or her computing needs." (Please note that this page is an update of the previous Sony laptops reviews page which happens to be a little bit stale today)

The wide and ever changing Sony Vaio laptops range can be problematic too. If there's a new Sony laptop on the market every so often, how is the consumer supposed to keep up? I admit that things change so fast in the world of Vaio notebooks that it's hard to keep this page updated. But the info that you'll find on this page regarding Sony laptops is valid as from September 2003.

Yes, even this article became a little bit stale and was replaced with a much current Sony laptop computers guide and mini-directory.

With all that said, let's get to it, shall we?

Sony Vaio Laptops Reviews, Comparisons and Buying Guide

Sony Vaio laptops: FRV series reviews & comparisons

Sony Vaio laptops: FRV series

The FRV series Sony laptops are the ideal notebooks for the more than average computer user (gamers, multimedia professionals) who needs a powerful system that performs all the applications in fast and effective manner. At the time of writing this, they are fairly priced and I would recommend such laptops to you if you find yourself needing a mobile computer to replace your current desktop

The essential features of the FRV series Vaio laptops are: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.80 GHz • DVD-RW/CD-RW drive available • 15" XGA TFT display • 512 MB DDR SDRAM • 40 GB hard drive which can be upgraded of course if you need to store more data. Available models include the PCG-FRV28 and the PCG-FRV26 laptops.

Sony Vaio laptops: GRT series reviews & comparisons

Sony Vaio laptops: GRT seriesThe Sony Vaio GRT laptop computers are probably the most customisable notebooks offered by the manufacturer. For instance, you can opt for a 16" screen if you would like a large visual area. Or, if you have fairly average computing needs, you can settle for a Celeron processor whereas if you demand absolute performance you could configure your system with a Pentium 4 processor with speeds up to 2.8GHz. I would recommend GRT Sony laptops to you if you happen to have rather unique mobile computing habits.

The essential configurable features of the GRT series Sony Vaio laptops are: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, or Mobile Intel ® Celeron® • DVD-RW/CD-RW drive available • 14,15 or 16" XGA TFT display • up to 512 MB DDR SDRAM • up to 80 GB hard drive. Available models include: PCG-GRT230 series (configurable); PCG-GRT250/270 series (configurable), PCG-GRT170 and the PCG-GRT160 .

Sony Vaio laptops: TR series reviews & comparisons

Sony Vaio laptops: TR seriesThe Sony Vaio VAIO® TR Series laptops are the ultimate notebooks for highly mobile computer users. They are ultra slim and very light which is a dream come true for you if currently find yourself lugging around a heavy laptop that causes problems in the airplane and that gives you uneven shoulders :-). But are such small and light notebook computers able to perform as best as you want them too? Of course! All this is mainly due to the revolutionary Intel Centrino technology that allows much more to be done on a computer using less battery life which directly impacts your productivity and the size and weight of your laptop.

The other amazing feature of these Sony Vaio laptops is the built-in digital cameras... In my humble opinion it's a very good idea but what if while sitting in your favourite restaurant, you see something worth showing your friends that is going on in the middle of the street? You might look slightly silly running around with your laptop trying to get that snapshot ;-) OK... that's not the real of the digital camera, I know..

Anyway, if you spend most times on the move than behind a desk and absolutely need a computer, The Vaio TR series Sony laptops should be your absolute choice. Here are the main features: Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology • 10.6” Wide XBRITE™ TFT display (1280 x 768) • built-in digital camera • Weight: 3.11 lbs light. Available models include the PCG-TR2AP3, PCG-TR2AP1 and the PCG-TR2A notebooks.

Sony Vaio laptops: V505 series reviews & comparisons

Sony Vaio laptops: V505 seriesSony laptops Vaio V505 Series are pretty light and small mobile computers but that are equipped with some serious power to allow you to perform any computing fast and effortlessly. One thing I have to add is that the Vaio V505 Series are pretty sleek notebooks that will sure turn more than one head when you casual whip it out at a business presentation or at your neighbourhood Starbucks. So, if you live in that world where image can be everything, do yourself a favour and do check out the V505.

The Sony Vaio V505 laptops are available as "ready to order" (PCG-V505BX) or you can customize your own if you feel that the standard ones do not meet your specifications of choice. Here are the essential features: 12.1" XGA TFT display • Mobile Intel® Celeron® processor or Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor available • optional double capacity battery • integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN • integrated CD-RW/DVD combo drive • ultra lightweight and compact design. Available models include: V505DC2 series (configurable) and the ready to order PCG-V505BX laptop.

Sony Vaio laptops: Z1 series reviews & comparisons

Sony Vaio laptops: Z1 seriesIn my opinion, the Sony Z1 Series laptops represent the future of mobile computing. These were the first Vaio models to feature the increasingly popular and useful Intel Centrino technology that makes it possible to design powerful notebooks that do not consume a lot of energy which directly impacts the design of these laptop computers by making them light and slim hence highly mobile and portable.

These Sony laptops are not for the budget minded shopper though. But, if you live by the "you get what you pay for" mantra, you not be disappointed as the Vaio Z1 notebooks will certainly enrich your computing experience. You will find such essential features as: Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology, Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems, 14.1” SXGA+ TFT display (1400 x 1050), elegant & light design and a long battery life. Available models include: PCG-Z1RAP1 and the PCG-Z1RA.

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