Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laptop Accessories by ProductDose


Laptop backpacks no longer resemble those bulky camping packs. The Booq Boa Laptop Backpack is clean in looks and in function with four main compartments, reinforced backing and a tapered design for a more streamlined style.


The Earthtech Solar Laptop Charger uses 12-watt solar panels to reach its 150-watt capacity in approximately nine hours, providing three hours of power for a 25-watt laptop. In fact, this charger lets you juice up almost any electronic device - even jump start your car with its built-in jumper cables.


Made for the butterfingered bunch, the Working Class Heroes Laptop Wallet helps you get a grip on your gear. The handle straps around your arm to keep your laptop secure when you’re on the go.


When your laptop is too hot to handle, cool it with the Targus Laptop Chill Mat. Two fans pull heat away from the laptop to prevent overheating. And when it's time to go, the Laptop Chill Mat can go with you – it’s powered by the laptop via USB.

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