Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to buy the best laptop computer

Best laptops shopping secrets

Let's face it, everyone is shopping for the best laptop computer in the whole wide world. I certainly ask myself on a daily basis what the best laptops on the market are and how I can get my hands on one at a given time. In this article, I will explain to you how to spot the best notebook PC ever that will suit your needs.

One thing, I need to tell you upfront is that there is no best laptop in the world. "What?", I hear you ask, "I thought that he was going to reveal to me what the best laptops are!". Dear reader, who is the most beautiful (wo)man in the world? What is the best car on the whole planet? What is the most beautiful country? What's the best movie ever? I hope that you see where I am getting at...

The best laptop computer is the notebook PC that will fulfill all your computing needs without any hassles, glitches and other nightmares that coming with owning computers. If you were expecting me to name the best laptops by giving out specific brands, I am sorry but I will not get into this controversial debate. Bill Gates has his favorite laptop, so does Michael Dell (it better be a Dell laptop :), so do your friends and so do I. If I told you what the best notebook is, I would be merely stating my opinion. And believe me, buying anything especially computers based on someone's sole personal most liked brand can be dangerous to your wallet and overall mobile computing experience.

Fortunately, I have what I call the "best laptop formula". This is a set of characteristics that you should be looking out for to determine what the best laptops are. From this list, one portable PC will make itself stand out and you'll then realize that it's the one. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it's almost like choosing a lifetime companion. Not so dramatic really -- if you think about it... After all, you will have to entrust your precious data into this notebook. It will be with you on the road. In good times and in bad times. So you might as well find and choose the perfect one.

Ten steps to the best laptop computers

Below, I have listed ten qualities that should be present in the best laptops. Read them carefully, think about them for a minute or two and keep them in mind every single time you come across any given laptop and you need to figure out if it is the best one for you.

1)Built around your needs: The best laptop has to have been manufactured with your (mobile) computing needs in mind and not the other way round, i.e.: a computer for which you have to change your habits to get the best experience from it. Yes, it's all about you!

2) Reliability: the best laptops will never let you down. OK maybe sometimes but not 90% of your journey together. If you hear via the grapevine (from expert sources) that the computer you're considering is no good, run before you get too attached.

3) Performance: the best notebook computer will do what you want it to do at any given time and even more. That is its function and that is why you bought it in the first place. Wether you are a heavy gamer, a multi-media pro or just love multi-tasking, your wish and commands will have to be executed fast and without a glitch.

4) Perfect price: the best laptop PCs are well priced. Well priced does not necessarily mean, ridiculously cheap. Sometimes, this can be your very first clue to start being suspicious. The best notebooks are worth what they are and what they can do. The trick is to shop for the merchant with the best price!

5) Maintenance: the best laptops are not a nightmare to maintain. Their after sales service are fast, well done and as painless as possible. You do not want to deal with a dealer or manufacturer who will try and find reasons why the warranty is void or why they need 6 months to repair and return your defective portable computer.

6) Portability: the best notebook will be as thin and light as you need it to be. That's unless you want to use it as a weight training tool too. Of course, if you are looking for a desktop replacement, size and weight are no big deals.

7) Up gradable: the best laptop should be up gradable to a certain extent. Why? Well, as your needs change, you don't want your current portable PC to be useless. Unless, it's well worth the expense.


I have to interrupt this article. This is because, it's getting long and I don't have space for more points (OK... no more come at this stage :). But, you have more that enough guidelines to help you on your quest in searching for the best laptops. Get clicking and good luck! I hope this article helped. Please send me an e-mail with your experiences: mail [at] Thanks!

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